Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

Monday just so happened to be Thanksgiving in my part of the world and I feel that I should make a little list of all of the things that I am thankful for.I'm going to leave out the long run on sentences about how much I am thankful for my friends and family... Just assume that I am :)

- Moonlit nights!! Man I wish I had taken this picture!! It is the nicest one I could find to convey how thankful I am for the peaceful tranquility of a brightly lit night. A couple days ago I got home at around 1:30 in the morning and decided to just lay down on the grass and star up at the sky. It was awesome. I live on an acreage so there is very little light pollution from the town.

- Psychedelics!!! I am extremely thankful for my experience with LSD. It really did change how I perceive certain things. Even though I am always disappointed when I look at the stars now (Oh stars, why won't you dance??)... I still LOVE remembering how it felt and what I saw. Many people may disagree with me posting this... but everybody has an opinion and every opinion matters. I do not encourage or condone drug usage. Make the choice for yourself because in the end... you have to live with the choice. But... I am thankful for drugs :)

- SUSHI!! I know... it's kind of a ridiculous thing to be thankful for... but it is so delicious!! '

- MY LOVELIES!!! I am so thankful that I have them in my life. Animals of all kinds (except insects and arachnids) bring me such joy. I love my ginger kitties :)

There are a million more little things that I am thankful for but the majority of them revolve around friends or family... which I said at the beginning I wasn't going to get into. :)

Love and Moonlight


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