Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses (Gods...I'm not sure if any men read this)

I am having such a great summer!! Honestly... I can't remember a summer that I have had this much fun...since Cadet camp when I was 14 and lame haha. I LOVE THIS SUMMER!!  I am thinking that I should maybe be more specific when it comes to things I love on a TiLT post :)

- I love rainbows!! This one started out as a faded very faint rainbow and then I watched it grow in power. I actually pulled my car over so that I could fully take it all in. It was magnificent. I really need to start keeping my camera with me so I have better pictures than stupid Iphone pictures. Anyway... absolutely stunning and radiant.

- This outfit. Haha... I know that the picture itself is shit but I love everything about this outfit. I mean come on... BEST HAT EVER (Well tied for best hat ever... Christy's hat is also awesome). I actually bought everything that I am wearing in this picture at motion notion. I bought them and instantly put them on and didn't take them off. Most comfortable dress I have ever worn and I have worn a few dresses :)
I love that I look four feet tall and have the whitest legs ever in this pic hahahah!!

-This is my darling Scout. Isn't he the cutest thing ever!! He is so photogenic and honestly he is ridiculously docile... I could pose him and take pictures. He's my baby!!!
(To warn you... now that the first Cat picture has been posted hundreds more will follow lol... but I'm not a crazy cat lady I swear!!)

- Knowing that I have seen SHPONGLE live!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit it is just so amazing to think about. I love it!! I love him. I would totally bone him (well I would most likely have to share him with Christy or she would smother me in my sleep (hopefully with her boobs ;) )

- Reading up on Earth Magic and Shamanism... I Love increasing my spiritual awareness... even though Shpongle is all that is required for that :)

Little Things that make my Heart Soar
- My new journal - SHPONGLE - Infected Mushroom - Sushi - Planning delicious outings - the quesidilla at Gourmet on the Go - Mango Smoothies - Mango anything - GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES (I must have had like 5 at Motion Notion) - Scout - Blending Weed with Salvia - Smoking Blue Lotus (on its own)

Love and Sunshine



  1. So i would like to see what this Spongle is all about. Any suggestions i should look up?

    What is Blue Lotus??

  2. Shpongle is amazing!! I would start by looking up a live performance of the songs Divine Moments of Truth, No Turn Unstoned, or When Shall I be Free. They are three of my favorites!!

    Blue Lotus is a flower that you smoke in a pipe and it has a very calming and relaxing effect and it enhances the vividness of your dreams. I have only been smoking it since the weekend but so far it really has been helping my insomnia.

    Much Love