Monday, July 25, 2011

I Give Myself Permission...

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!

I am writing myself a permission slip. There are so many things that I am holding back on for no good reason. It is time to start doing the things in life that I want to do without worrying about what other people think. I know I seem like an apathetic person sometimes but it is just inevitable that I care a little bit about what people say and think.

I give myself permission to be who I really am, with no doubts or hesitations. I give myself permission to dress however makes me feel beautiful even if it is what some would call odd or ugly, if I feel beautiful that is all that matters. I can make a decision and then change my mind, and then change it again. I can be spontaneous and flirtatious and crazy and flighty. I can move and dance and sing without any thought as to who is watching. I can open my heart to other people and feel vulnerable, I can get hurt, but I can also pick myself up off the ground and try again. I can follow my dreams, even if there isn't a soul who understands them other then me. I can laugh and cry and scream all in the same sentence and act like nothing happened a split second later. I give myself permission to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and smoke weed, just because it makes me happy and I can, but I also give myself permission to stop smoking and drinking when it has become too much and my body says no more. I give myself permission to eat foods that my body asks for and also to give in to my cravings occasionally.
I can go out everyday for months at a time, but can also say no and stay home for an evening in and some sleep. I can go out and shop till I drop but I can also say no to another ring and save my money. I give myself permission to take risks and to learn new things. I can remove myself from a situation that I am not comfortable with. I can write a permission slip to myself that is completely incoherent and out of order and love it just the same. I can look in the mirror everyday and tell myself that I am a beautiful and kind person...and I can believe it.
I give myself permission to nurture the relationships that mean the most to me and to also distance myself from the relationships that are soul sucking. I can explore and create and learn and live and love all without fear of rejection because rejection is just another obstacle.
I can get inked and pierced in any way that I desire, this is my body and I love it. I give myself permission to try new things and to suck at them. I can write and write and write and not get published as long as I keep doing it and doing it everyday until I die. I can stay in bed all day and read a book without any guilt of a wasted day.
Most importantly I give myself permission to love myself and to put my life and happiness before everything else. All that matters is right now and I sure as hell want to be happy!!!

What do you give yourself permission for??

Love and Daisies



  1. you go girl!!! I fucking love this!!!!

  2. I give myself permission to step back from work, and take a break to shower myself in self-adoration instead of beating myself up mentally over getting nothing done. I also give myself permission to explore other religions than the strict Christianity that I have tethered myself too, and to stop being nice to the people who repeatedly abuse me. (i.e. stop getting walked all over.) :D

  3. Thanks Rox!! This felt pretty good to write :)

    Awesome Kayte! I love that you are willing to explore other religions and are willing to find what is right for you. Never stop searching!! You are NEVER getting nothing done... even if you are sitting at your desk (or place of work) and reading my blog or sitting with your eyes closed, you are taking a moment for you...and that is a beautiful thing!!

    Much Love

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