Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday!!!

Buna ziua!

Seeing how I skipped out on WTW last week I've decided to get right back in it with a couple more dream outfits. Pretty soon I'll be starting to buy clothing that mirrors a bunch of these gorgeous pieces... A few more pounds to lose (at least) and a few more dollars to save :)
I went out a bought a couple new pairs of jeans last night and HOLY SHIT I am wearing a SIZE 12!!! I haven't been able to wear a size 12 in years... like 10 years!! I don't mean to brag like some arrogant asshole but I am very excited about my shrinking waistline. :)
The thing about losing weight is that I now feel like I should start working out and maybe eating a little better because up to this point I have not changed a thing about my life... the weight just mysteriously started coming off. So yeah...Yay... moving on...

I am quite excited for it to be Saturday... specifically because that will mean Friday is over. (If you don't remember... Friday is my court date). I just want to know the results so that I can deal with them... I have already prepared myself for both scenarios (criminal record or community service) and am at peace with both. I am lucky to be the kind of person who will accept the consequences of my actions and not turn into a whiny bitch, all "How did this happen to me??"  This was my fault and that's that :)

Now that I have rambled for quite a bit about mundane (yet awesome) shit let's get to the point of today's post...WTW!!

walking hippie

This is something that I would wear out to the zoo or on a picnic or to a BBQ. It is light and carefree. It is simple yet still quite hippie. This is proof that the accessories do not need to be piled on for an outfit to be considered hippie.

BBQ hippie

This outfit is something that I would wear to maybe an office BBQ or something outside of work where I would see people from work. I'm fairly certain that I can't wear shorts to work or else I would wear the entire outfit to the office.
What do you think?? Like them...hate them... indifferent...
Come back tomorrow for another edition of TiLT!!
Love and Tulips