Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hola You Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

It is another B-E-A-Utiful summer day. FINALLY!! I was really getting quite tired of all of that shitty rain. It is officially summer so all I want is SUNSHINE!! You know what sucks about it being nice out... Holy shit the mosquitoes are terrible. They are like mutant forms of the mosquitoes of years passed.. (past?? passed?? lol) they are fucking huge. Seriously it is the beginning of the end... pretty soon it'll be like the movie Starship Troopers, the bugs will kill us all!!! I looked over a Christy last night while we were down by the river and whipped her with my blanket because there were like 20 mosquitoes just on her shoulder. I'm sure she looks like she was mauled by a tiger today. Poor Thing :(
Still...even with the mutant bugs, I am in love with summer. I wish it would never end.

On to a new edition of Things I Love Thursday!!!

- I am in LOVE with Bei Badgirl!! She is super sweet and just a fabulously talented artist. I wish I could go to one of her shows and spend a fortune on her art. I want to support her in every way because she is FABULOUS!! (and gorgeous :) I saw on her blog that she is cool with people getting her art done as a tattoo so once I find an artist that can represent I will be getting the second picture done as a tattoo... SO EXCITED.

- Good Reads I am loving reading all of the quotes on this website. I will be putting up quite a few of them in the next few weeks I think. Some are either to inspiring or too hilarious to not pass on.

- Sunshine!!!! I am in LOVE with how sunny it was yesterday. I just want it to not rain anymore so that maybe a bunch of mosquitoes will die and it won't be as muddy. I just want to go down to the river everyday with Christy and hang out!! Also... I miss hula hooping!!!!

- Taking pictures. I love taking pictures of everything and anything. As soon as I remember to bring my cord for my iPhone I'll upload a bunch of my random hanging out outside pictures. I can't wait to put up the picture I took of the awesome rainbow... I swear you will probably think it is photoshopped that is how awesome this picture is!!

Little Things that make me Smile

- Shpongle - scaraoke (singing songs I have never sang before) - incense - LOOOONNNNG SHOWERS - buying more books - volcanoes - books about volcanoes - reading - oreos - pizza pringles - green - shopping for rings - planning shopping excursions with Christy.

What are you loving??

Love and Rainbows


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