Monday, May 2, 2011

Dawn: A new beginning!

Last night I was sitting in my room listening to some Shpongle and breathing the beautiful lavender incense I just bought when I decided to give myself an earth card reading. So I take a few deep breaths and put the cards next to my heart and take a card and put it down. Low and behold the card I get it Dawn: A new beginning!! Wow!!! It is amazing how relevant that is to my life right now. I have so many changes that I am making or planning to make in my life right now and it is so comforting to know that I am heading in the right direction. I keep trying to remind myself that this is my life and I can't live it for anyone else but me!!

One of the more positive changes that I have made recently is that I have just moved into a basement suite on an acreage, it is definitely not perfect, and the people upstairs come into my space ALL THE TIME, and I completely forgot how COLD it can get in a basement suite but somehow I still really like it. It feels more like home then the last place that I lived in. It makes me feel so close to nature and so connected to the earth. I can look out of my window and see grass and the sky and trees. I can just take a deep breath and be calm knowing that it is right there!

Anyway... I had this entire post planned out and I was going to do the ABC'S of me lol so let's get to that.

A- Age... 22
B- Bed Size... Well technically it is a queen... but the frame doesn't fit in my room so the mattress just sits on the floor.
C- Chore you hate... Dusting... omg it is ridiculous how much I hate dusting.
D- Dogs... I LOVE dogs. I really wish that my schedule allowed me to adopt one. Unfortunately I work such long and stupid hours that it would just be unfair to leave one alone for that long :(
...I do have a cat though, and I love him to pieces!!
E- Essential Start to the day... Well I pretty much brush my teeth and run out the door, so I'm going to say that. But I should start everyday with a huge ass glass of water...I really wish that I could wake and bake everyday though ;)
F- Favorite color... Hmmm... it's a tie between green, brown, violet, and burnt orange
G- Gold or Silver... Silver all the way!! Gold looks funny with my skin tone.
H- Height... 5'10 1/2" lol I am quite tall
I- Instruments that you play... I can play the flute, clarinet, a small amount (like minuscule) of piano, and I hope to soon be able to rock the guitar.
J- Job Title... I am an LTL Dispatcher for a trucking company...which is soon to be joined by broker then shit college student.
K- Kids... No thank you :)
L- Location... Calgary/Okotoks in Alberta Canada... I really hope that eventually this will change. My heart and soul does not belong here.
M- Mom's name... Donnalea (pronounced DONNA-LEE)
N- Nicknames... Well... Anie is technically a nickname... but I wish someone would think up some awesome hippie name like Wandering Star or some shit like that. That would be DOPE!! hahaha
O- Overnight hospital stays... A few :) Minor surgeries... me being an idiot, stuff like that lol
P- Pet Peeve... Okay this is a HUGE one... I actually have trained all of my friends to not do this at all even when I'm not with them.. But I CANNOT stand it when people rub their silverware against each other or against their teeth. It actually causes me pain to hear it. So if you ever meet me... I will cut you if you do it :) But it will be a cut of love <3
Q- Quote from a movie... Okay here are three of my favorites (I LOVE movies so I could go on ALL day)...Name the movies
1. Here's lookin at you kid...
2. Shitter was full...
3. Do I look like a cat to you boy? Jumpin around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? Do you see me eating mice? Now you stop laughing right meow!
R- Righty or Lefty... Righty, except for guitar and some sports then I'm a lefty.
S- Siblings... One older brother and one younger sister
T- Time you wake up... It depends on the day, what time I got home, and whether or not I actually slept so I can't answer this one.
U- Underwear... Hmm... sometimes :)
V- Vegetables you dislike... Onions. I also hate carrots once they have been cooked.
W- What makes you run late... usually trains. Otherwise I am early.
X- X-Rays...HAHAHA OMG WAY TO MANY TO COUNT!! Teeth, wrist, nose, legs, chest... etc. I'm a klutz lol
Y- Yummy food you make... Vegan Enchiladas... OMG so delicious!!
Z- Zoo animal... As much as I dislike the fact that zoos rip families apart and do not properly take care of the animals that they imprison... I still have an annual pass to the Calgary zoo and love every single animal that lives there. I could never pick a favorite because I truly love almost every animal on earth (insects and arachnids are questionable but I try to leave them alone). I support the Calgary Zoo because it truly makes conservation a priority.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me. Feel free to tell me a bit about you in the comments!!

Love and Daffodils


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